Shipping and Return Policy

Our goal is to make our customers happy. At, we have dedicated customer service team to serve our customers. Feel free to contact us anytime at


If you are looking for some special product or service to send to someone in Pakistan, please contact us and we will try to fulfill your request at a competitive price.


Your credit card will be billed as “American Casual” and this must be remembered, as we have a very strict policy. If anyone challenges our transaction on purpose, this will result in collection of money from Receivers Address in Pakistan.
Order once placed cannot be cancelled as it is booked with suppliers and courier Services.
giftsentiments online will process orders only after receiving authorization from the credit card processing company. Giftsentiments online will not be liable for delays arising from the action of the credit card processing companies or their affiliates of bank. Also, If there seems to be a discrepancy/inconsistency in billing and sender information, we will not process the order unless we have verified the order with the customer over the phone or through email.
Every item will get delivered within 48 hours after receiving authorization from credit card company, however item like perfume, Pizza, Chocolates, gift baskets, jewellery, and other specialized items might take upto 72 hours for delivery.
Although we believe in delivering only quality and Fresh items and our suppliers have a reputed name in the market, but sometimes due to weather and other conditions our item might not stay fresh. In such case the customer should notify us within 24 hours. We will collect the item from receiver and will deliver another one instantly. However, if the complaint comes after 24 Hours, giftsentiments online is not liable for anything, not even replacement.
Items like Perfumes, Gift Items, Pizza, KFC and Mcdonalds might not be possible to deliver on occasions like Eid, Valentines, Mothers Day, In such cases it shall be delivered a day earlier or a day later.
Some small cities of Pakistan do not have holiday service, in such case item shall be delivered a day before or next day.
You may choose a specific date and time for the delivery of your gifts and we will try our best to get it delivered on time, however sometimes we may fail due to insufficient time to arrange the order, Make sure all orders are placed well in advance. However, we do not have timed deliveries for occasions such as Eid, Mother’s day, Valentines Day.
If the address submitted by customer is not traceable, incorrect or the address is closed (for eg: office) for some reason, then we shall call the recipient in Pakistan to confirm the address. If the telephone number provided is also invalid then in such case we will immediately notify the customer and he should provide us with valid address within 24 hours or else the order will be cancelled and no refund shall be issued in such case. All items will be restored for 24 hours and redelivery, No Complaints regarding quality will be accepted on redelivery of items.
You are requested to provide correct address of destination with contact name and telephone No. If the delivery was not made in time due to incorrect information provided, you will not be entitled to any refund or credit. However you will be informed about it and we will try our best to deliver your order.
For Sweets & Flowers, 2 attempts will be made to deliver in Pakistan. If the recipient or someone else on behalf of the recipient is not available on the second attempt, it will constitute as a complete delivery. Request to redeliver will be charged as a new order.
The delivery time is subject to no disruption of communication, strikes and political situation or act of nature in Pakistan or destination country.
On Occasions like Eid the requested product might not be available, for example: 5 KG Mithai Basket, 4 Lbs Cake, 25 KG fruits basket etc, in such case we will deliver two small arrangements to fulfill the order, for instance 2 boxes of 2.5 KG Mithai instead of 5 KG Basket.
On occasions like Eid, sometimes our suppliers are unable to fulfill our requirement, especially on late orders(orders placed at the last minute). In such case we shall replace the item with some other reputable supplier, for example: Marriot Cake to Hobnob Cake, Nirala Mithai to Rehmat-e-Shireen.
On Occasions Like Eid, and Valentines day, we cannot accept time delivery. All deliveries will be done according to our courier schedule.
You may choose a cake flavor, however we do not guarantee the chosen flavor on occasions like Eid or Valentines Day. We cannot guarantee correct flavors for smaller cities.
Our suppliers are mainly for Big cities like Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore and Rawalpindi. In other cities we might use regular available suppliers, like a Four Star Hotel Cake, best mithai shop available etc, due to unavailability of Five Star Hotels or Mithai Stores in that area.
All orders at giftsentiments online require minimum of 48 hours for delivery. The reason is that we only believe in fresh and quality items. We choose not to pick up ready made Cakes, Flowers or Mithai. We make sure to place a proper order with vendor and get fresh items and then arrange the delivery.
Delivery confirmation will be sent to you after the product is delivered in Pakistan. On Occasions like Eid or Valentines, it might take upto one week to email delivery confirmations.